Our Journey

Our Journey

Our Journey

Better Active Oldham was created after seeing the decline in social and community activities and its negative impact on children and families in Oldham. To tackle rising issues like obesity, mental health, and social problems, we founded SR Community Sports.

Seeing the positive impact of our work and the dedication of our volunteers, along with the support from individuals and organisations, we transitioned from a 'Community Group' to a 'Registered UK Charity.' With this change, we renamed ourselves Oldham Inspiring Youth to ensure ongoing growth and a clear path for further support.

Our programs and events have directly impacted the lives of 7,000 children, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. The phrase "Together, Stronger" is at the core of everything we do. As a UK Charity, our mission is simple: 'Inspire Through Sport.'

Our Journey

February 2018

- SR Community Sports was founded with the goal of engaging, developing, and supporting children through sports and education. Recognising the lack of structured physical activities and educational support in Oldham, 2 locals took the initiative to create a platform that would provide children with opportunities to grow, learn, and stay active.

March 2018

- We launched the Community Futsal Club in partnership with Oldham Futsal Arena. This collaboration provided a venue and resources to start our first community club. Initially, progress was slow, but within a few months, we were successfully engaging 50 unique children each week. The club not only offered a fun and competitive environment but also fostered teamwork and discipline among the participants.

December 2018

- We reached our first milestone by impacting over 1,000 children through various community clubs. These clubs introduced sports that were often inaccessible to children, such as dodgeball, archery, and badminton. This variety helped in attracting a diverse group of children, each finding their own niche and developing new skills.

June 2019

- SR Community Sports grew into a close-knit family with 18 dedicated volunteers. Their commitment and enthusiasm were crucial in expanding our reach and improving our services. Volunteers played a key role in organising events, coaching, and providing mentorship to the children, ensuring that our programs ran smoothly and effectively.

August 2020

- We rebranded to Oldham Inspiring Youth and became a registered charity. This transition marked a significant step in our journey, allowing us to tackle community issues such as obesity, mental health, and social challenges more effectively. Our new status provided us with greater credibility and access to resources, enabling us to expand our impact.

July 2021

- Our programs began impacting over 100 children weekly through various weekend activities. These activities were designed to be fun, engaging, and educational, providing children with a safe space to learn and grow. From sports clinics to educational workshops, we offered a range of activities to cater to different interests and abilities.

January 2022

- With the support of our volunteers and staff members, we organised a trip to the Manchester United Football Museum for 40 children from our community. This experience was not only exciting and inspirational for the children but also educational. The trip highlighted the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and the rich history of the sport, leaving a lasting impact on the participants.

October 2023

- Oldham Inspiring Youth changed it's working name to Better Active Oldham. This decision was made to reflect our commitment to inclusivity and to broaden our reach. The new name signifies our mission to promote active lifestyles and well-being for all members of the community. By opening our doors wider, we aim to make an even greater impact and support more children and families in Oldham and beyond.

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