Positive Playground - Active, Engaging and  Fun

Positive Playground - Active, Engaging and Fun

Positive Playground - Active, Engaging and  Fun

At Positive Playground, part of Better Active Oldham, we celebrate the uniqueness of every child, recognising their individual interests, talents, and passions.

We understand that not every child will have the same favorite sport, and that’s perfectly okay! Our mission is to embrace these differences by offering a diverse range of activities that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Lunchtime Activities

Positive Playground is designed to create an inclusive, pressure-free, and enjoyable atmosphere where every child can discover something they love and feel excited about. Whether they are seasoned sports enthusiasts or eager to try something new, our program ensures that every child feels welcome, supported, and has a blast!

Our Approach

We believe in flexibility and fun! Whether your child prefers sticking to one sport or enjoys trying something new each week or fortnight, we’ve got it covered. Our programs can be tailored to offer a consistent experience or an ever-changing lineup of exciting activities.

What We Offer

Explore a wide range of activities at Positive Playground, including:

  • Basketball: Shooting hoops and teamwork skills
  • Archery: Hitting the bullseye and precision training
  • Football: Scoring goals and team play
  • Tri-Golf: Perfecting the swing and golf fundamentals

No matter what your school is looking for, there’s always something exciting to look forward to at Positive Playground!

Join Us

Join Positive Playground and make lunchtime the highlight of the day with endless fun and active adventures! Let’s create memorable experiences where every child can thrive and enjoy staying active.

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